Excellent digital product management can transform how businesses approach product management. It helps to innovate, structure, and manage product development more effectively.
Since the major aim of product management is the development of new products, such products should differentiate themselves in the market and be valuable to customers.

Tezza provides hands-on product management support services for businesses, helping you build once and sell several times thereby resulting in higher profitability.

The goal is product management that results in products that are aesthetically pleasing, with seamless functionality, and which have competitive leverage in the market.

Benefits of Digital Product Management

Some benefits of our Digital Product Management services:

  • Improved quality of the end product
  • Develop the right product operating infrastructure
  • Help clients achieve product goals
  • Provide long term value for clients’ products

Product assessment ensures that digital solutions continue to work as intended over a long period. Evaluation on the other hand ensures that products fulfill requirements. If your business is not sure about a product deliverable, Assessment and Evaluation will help.

Performing product evaluations and assessment is an effective way to ensure that your solutions are always at the forefront of your market! Both processes will help you answer the following questions:

  • What is the opinion of your customers or prospects about your products?
  • What kind of product should you be selling based on capabilities and market demand?
  • Why do prospects/customers buy from your competitors and not from you?

By effectively answering these questions, you can anticipate the need of the market and deliver value. At Tezza Business Solutions, our services will help you to increase your product’s chances of commercial success right from the start.

Your business needs to ensure that the right products are selected. This includes understanding the future trends in product markets and selecting the foremost (and most cost-effective) technology in line with your business goals. This is achieved through an adequate understanding of users’ needs.

The right technology selection method involves technology comparisons from various standpoints.  Options often abound, but ultimately selecting the most suitable technology is the challenge. The benefits of a proposed new technology should be weighed against the impact on your business. A decision not to be taken lightly.

We often summarize our selection process in the following manner:

  • Check available technology
  • Screen
  • Score
  • In-depth review
  • Select

Whatever your technology need, we can help you articulate your requirements, identify potential solutions, and find the perfect fit for your business. Be assured of our unbiased and objective opinion.

PoC (Proof of Concept) is a crucial method of introducing a solution to an organization. At Tezza Business Solutions, our POC implementation will allow you to experience our digital solutions before you invest.

Most customers opt for a full-scale product implementation only if they can experience very tangible benefits. We understand this. Therefore, we are willing to let you see the value before you commit. Based on the results of our PoC implementation, your organization should be able to decide on a full-scale investment.

Benefits of PoC Implementation

  • Typically, a PoC will demonstrate 70-80% of the capabilities expected of the digital product
  • Removes doubt and let you know you are investing in the right product(s)
  • Components can be validated for quality, ease of use, overall fit for business purposes

We are ready to demonstrate the value of our digital product at little or no cost. we know that trust is earned, we want to earn yours. Contact us today.

A product selling strategy goes way beyond the use of tools or technology. The main question to be answered is, how can companies embed product selling capabilities into the DNA of their business. This is where we come in. Tezza can help your organization meet the needs of new sales reality. We merge sales and implementation to deliver improved sales strategies.

Sales Strategy
Yes, major effort and investment went into developing your solution, but equally important is that your sales team knows who to sell it to.

To make sure that your digital product is a hit with both customers and sales professionals, you need a structured sales and implementation tactics.

Tezza provides the help required for businesses to work the product smoothly into the customer’s lifestyle. Because, the right sales and product Implementing method will align your product with the market, leading to growth and profitability.

Whether you are looking to launch a career in Product Management or expand your knowledge in this field, Training is available. We offer training on the fundamentals of managing products. The training course will equip you with the mindset, tools, and skills required to drive world-leading product innovation.

Product Management training by Tezza Business Solutions is open to aspiring managers, product managers, salespeople, business analysts, business developers, and anyone interested in the field.

You will learn the following and more at our training class:

  • How to design product strategy and roadmap
  • How to increase organizations profitability with innovative products
  • How to improve work quality with tools, templates, and checklists
  • How to Become a Certified Product Manager

Our expert trainer will teach you the core skills required to manage products effectively. Whether you sell to businesses or consumers; you can increase your earning potential and Learn in-demand skills. Contact us for your Product Management Training today.

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