Software defects often have dire consequences on business performance and brand reputation. At Tezza, quality is the fabric of all our operations. Our superb QA solutions and continuous improvement system help prevent defects, arrest anomalies, and deliver excellence.

Utilizing proprietary tools and methodologies, we ensure that Quality Assurance activities are aligned to projects early on. This results in faster time to market, improved customer experience, and reduced costs. By focusing on delivering value at each step, we ensure our clients’ applications comply with set standards and meet the market demand for first-rate solutions.

Quality Assurance Services

We will blend our industry expertise to help you achieve the following:

  • Improve the quality, and performance of your application
  • Optimize business processes and improve the efficiency of your organization

Many organizations lack sufficient insight into the effectiveness of their current testing processes. This lack of maturity in an organization is often evident in Poor product quality. Hence, there is a need for businesses to carry out test maturity assessment to improve their software testing process.

The experts at Tezza Business solutions can help you assess your QA capability, identify your level of test maturity, and achieve more efficient processes. We leverage our extensive experience, test accelerators, together with industry baselines to assess and improve the QA capabilities of organizations.

Some goals of these assessments include:

•    To pinpoint areas of potential test process improvement
•    To align test improvement efforts with your business goals

Do you need an in-depth assessment of your organization’s software development and testing practices? Contact TBS.

Just as organizations use testing to improve software, process improvement techniques can be utilized to improve testing processes and software deliverables. And even if your current test process is satisfactory, it will need improvement from time to time. Hence, organizations should review their testing process and be proactive by continuously improving processes.

We provide a quality framework to help you develop your testing capability. Our Quality methodology is based on proven processes that include; initiating the improvement process, assessing the current situation, establishing an improvement plan, and implementing solutions.

Improve the testing value of your organization today by carrying out a Test Process Improvement with Tezza Business Solutions.

The objective of test planning is to create a strategy that provides the proper level of test coverage for your project or business. That is, to help you define a comprehensive approach to testing. This service includes a detailed plan for identifying any issues and communicating solutions towards the stated objectives.

Without Test Strategy and Planning, your team will struggle to deliver on time and within budget.

At Tezza Business Solutions, we can partner with you to set your strategy focused on quality. We will also effectively define your test methodology, by aligning the chosen strategy to your specific business goals. This will enable you to understand and drive your test processes towards success.

A TCoE is a framework that standardizes test processes. TCoE empowers organizations to implement test automation the right way while enriching manual testing outcomes.

It might seem overwhelming to set up a centralized(TCoE) unit, but this only requires a one-time investment. And the benefits that it offers in return outweighs the setup cost.

A (TCoE) Offers These Benefits and More:

  • Faster time-to-market, test time reduced by 30%
  • Optimized use of existing quality assurance resources
  • Cost reduction of up to 35% while increasing quality

At TBS, we can help you transform your QA by implementing a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) from scratch and will work closely with you to deliver results.

Having several ways to submit requests is a common problem for many companies and highlights the need for a standard work intake process. Without an enterprise project intake and management strategy, it is difficult to track all the work being done. This leaves brands at a disadvantage. A project intake process is the first step to determining whether a new project idea is effectively aligned with business goals.

By offering this service, we enable businesses to manage work demand while maintaining quality and project intake best practices. With our help, the strategic value of your organization will be improved through proper project capturing, evaluating, and prioritizing.

Benefits of Work Intake and management strategy

  • Organizational clarity and efficiency
  • Greater consistency and higher quality

Software automation tools and are crucial for the success of test automation projects. Hence, the IT industry is brimming with automation tools, but not every tool suits your project. To analyze and zero-in on one tool that best fits a specific need is a big challenge. Thankfully, we are here to help. Making the right automation tool choice is exactly where Tezza can help you get it right.

Tezza can help you analyze and suggest the most suitable automation tool for your applications and development.

As a leading automation testing company, we use an innovative framework that ranks and rates various automation tools. By so doing, we can offer recommendation solutions that are highly customized to suit individual business automation needs.

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