At Tezza Solutions, we are passionate about strengthening STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education by providing the innovative tools, digital platforms, and high-quality educators needed to prepare the next generation of innovators.

Our comprehensive STEM education services are designed to engage students in immersive learning experiences that spark deep interest and build critical skills in scientific inquiry, problem-solving, creativity, and real-world application.

We partner with schools, districts, education nonprofits, and leading brands to:
• Design and develop unique, hands-on teaching tools involving the latest educational technologies to reinforce STEM lessons.
• Build robust digital platforms and portals for managing STEM curricula, student data, assessments, and more.
• Recruit, train, and coach high-caliber STEM teachers to become facilitators of active, student-centered learning.
• Align instructional resources to curriculum standards while maintaining a real-world focus.
• Evaluate program outcomes using key performance data to drive continuous enhancement.
• Manage large-scale STEM education initiatives end-to-end

STEM Education Services
  • Innovative Teaching Tools - We develop unique hands-on teaching tools using the latest educational technologies to spur student engagement.
  • Customized to Curricula - Our instructional tools and materials are tailored to align with specific curricula needs.
  • Digital Capabilities - We build robust online portals and platforms for managing school programs, content and data.
  • Educator Development - We have proven strategies for recruiting, training, and coaching high-quality STEM teachers.
  • Real-World Focus - Our training and materials equip educators to connect lessons to real-world STEM applications.
  • Inspiring Students - We help create immersive STEM learning experiences that spark student creativity and passion.
  • Implementation Expertise - We manage large-scale STEM program rollouts from start to finish.
  • Data-Driven - We evaluate tools, portals, and programs using key performance metrics to drive improvements.
  • Holistic Solutions - We address all aspects of STEM education for maximum student impact.
  • Hands-on Approach - We utilize learning-by-doing to actively engage students in STEM subjects.

At Tezza, we develop innovative hands-on teaching tools across science, technology, engineering, and math subjects to facilitate active, immersive learning experiences for students. Our hands-on tools are a vital way to spark student engagement and achievement in STEM.

  • We design and create unique instructional kits, robotics sets, 3D printers, digital microscopes, interactive science experiments, and more tailored for different age groups and skill levels.
  • These hands-on tools reinforce STEM concepts through applied learning-by-doing. Students get to design, build, test, iterate, and solve real-world problems.
  • This cements STEM knowledge and builds critical thinking, creative problem-solving, collaboration, and technical skills.
  • Our tools utilize cutting-edge educational technologies to help schools deliver inspiring STEM instruction.
  • We handle production, distribution and instructional integration of the tools.

 The importance and benefits of our Hands-On Teaching Tools include:

  • Inspires passion and interest in STEM careers by connecting lessons to real-world applications
  • Promotes deeper understanding of abstract STEM concepts through immersive hands-on learning
  • Develops critical cognitive and technical skills needed for STEM excellence
  • Expands access to new technologies like 3D printing and robotics for all students
  • Provides educators with impactful instructional aids aligned to curricula goals
  • Enables schools to deliver next-generation STEM education on a broader scale

At Tezza, we build robust digital platforms and portals to help educational institutions manage and enhance their STEM programs and administration.

  • We develop customized online platforms for managing school/district data including admissions, student records, course registration, faculty profiles, curricula, assessments, and more.
  • These portals centralize information and create efficiency for core school operations and functions.
  • We incorporate analytics dashboards and visual data reporting to inform decisions.
  • Our platforms provide secure access to students, parents, teachers, and administrators.
  • We handle the full development, deployment, maintenance and support for these education portals.

The importance and benefits of our Digital Education Platforms include:

  • Streamlines school administration through digitized records, automation, and data centralization
  • Enables data-driven decisions through analytics dashboards and reporting
  • Improves student, parent and teacher experience via digital access and transparency
  • Allows educators to spend more time on instruction rather than administration
  • Facilitates collaboration and communication between students, teachers, parents
  • Strengthens school operations with robust IT infrastructure and support
  • Provides scalability to manage growing enrollment and new programs

At Tezza, we manage the end-to-end recruitment process to help our education clients hire exceptional STEM teachers.

  • We identify promising teaching candidates through networked outreach and job board posting optimization.
  • Our rigorous screening process evaluates candidate skills, experience, certifications, and teaching philosophies.
  • We conduct skills assessments and demo lessons to evaluate classroom ability.
  • Our interview facilitation and reference checks vet candidates thoroughly.
  • We coordinate background checks and employment paperwork.
  • We provide ongoing support to attract STEM professionals to teaching roles.

The importance and benefits of our STEM Educator Recruitment include:

  • Access to our specialized networks of qualified STEM teacher candidates
  • Rigorous screening and selections process results in high-caliber hires
  • Takes recruitment burden off school administrators
  • Ensures schools have passionate, expert STEM teachers
  • Ongoing talent pooling strengthens future hiring pipelines
  • Helps schools attract STEM professionals to teaching careers

At Tezza, we provide intensive training and professional development for STEM teachers through workshops, coaching and more.

  • Our training programs help new and existing STEM teachers master interactive, hands-on instructional strategies.
  • We conduct multi-day immersive workshops focused on applied learning pedagogy, facilitation tactics, demos, and more.
  • Our coaches work one-on-one with teachers to refine techniques and integrate new technologies into lesson plans.
  • We utilize video observation, feedback, and peer collaboration to improve teaching practices.
  • Our science lab safety certification ensures proper classroom protocols.
  • We help teachers write engaging curriculum and activities tied to learning objectives.

The importance and benefits of our STEM Educator Training include:

  • Builds exceptional instructional skills and credentials for STEM teachers
  • Enables educators to leverage interactive, applied learning techniques
  • Unlocks teachers’ full potential to educate and excite students
  • Ongoing professional development ensures continuous improvement
  • Instills latest STEM teaching methodologies and educational technologies
  • Strengthens teachers’ classroom management abilities

At Tezza, we help schools and districts design customized STEM curricula to meet educational goals.

  • We collaborate with administrators and teachers to develop syllabi, lesson plans, projects, assessments and instructional resources for STEM subjects.
  • Our curricula focus on applied learning, hands-on activities, and real-world connections.
  • We ensure curriculum is aligned to state/national education standards and STEM competencies.
  • Our lesson plans incorporate a variety of interactive teaching methods and educational technologies.
  • We provide instructional design expertise and content knowledge to enhance curriculum.
  • Our curriculum development process is iterative based on teacher feedback.

The importance and benefits of our Curriculum Development services include:

  • Ensures STEM curricula meets core academic standards and requirements
  • Incorporates diverse and engaging instructional strategies into lessons
  • Allows educators to focus on teaching rather than curriculum building
  • Brings specialized STEM education expertise to course content
  • Fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills
  • Connects classroom learning to real-world STEM contexts
  • Provides consistent curriculum across schools and districts

At Tezza, we conduct rigorous evaluation of STEM education tools, platforms, curriculum and programs to drive continuous improvement.

  • We develop assessment frameworks to measure effectiveness against key performance indicators.
  • We collect qualitative feedback from students, parents, and educators.
  • We analyze usage data and quantify impact on metrics like test scores, grades, engagement.
  • Our analysts identify trends, insights, and correlations in the data to highlight successes and opportunities.
  • We provide recommendations on enhancing programs based on the evaluation findings.
  • We share comprehensive impact reports with stakeholders and administration.

The importance and benefits of our Measurement & Evaluation services include:

  • Provides data-driven insights on what’s working well and what needs improvement
  • Ensures programs consistently align to desired student outcomes
  • Enables schools to showcase ROI and impact to justify funding
  • Drives ongoing optimization and innovation in STEM education
  • Quantifies student learning and engagement gains through assessment
  • Maximizes the value and effectiveness of STEM investments
  • Demonstrates good stewardship and accountability to stakeholders
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