A testing centre of excellence (TCoE) is a support structure that optimizes test processes, best practices, and industry tools for efficient utilization of software testing resources.

The TCOE does this by developing and coordinating the testing practices, processes, tools, assets, people and other resources that will be deployed to projects across the organization to fasten the pace at which innovations are developed and delivered while reducing costs and potential risks.

To further clarify the idea of a TCoE, see it as an internal organization committed to providing various testing and testing-related services to its internal customers.


Why You Need To Set Up A TCoE

Implementing a TCoE paves ways for organizations to establish, manage and expand testing operations efficiently. As a result, the organization is better equipped to allocate resources to high-priority projects and respond swiftly to existing challenges.

 Since you can access TCoE services without an entire organizational reshuffle or overhaul, you can save costs that may ordinarily have gone into hiring talents, procuring software, training talents, and maintaining systems.

One of the primary aims of a TCoE is accelerating the delivery of innovations. Since quality assurance alone can not accurately estimate the amount of time and resources needed to deliver innovation, implementing TCoE can help speed up the release process and time.

Apart from the skilled resources provided by a TCoE, its well-organized process for planning, executing, and tracking projects means the chances that an organization will end up with quality, customer-friendly software is high over the roof.

Test Centre Of Excellence Implementation

Having seen the benefits that come with having a TCoE in place, you might wonder, how do I successfully implement a vibrant testing centre of excellence? Here are the necessary steps to help you get one running.

  • Define your challenges

A TCoE can solve numerous challenges and improve your operations in different ways, but you need to identify the challenges that need to be solved. For example, do you want it to assist in standardizing tools and processes? Do you want it to aid the implementation of new technologies? Do you want it to help you develop and measure key KPIs? Once you’ve identified your challenges, you can go into the next step of picking the right organization to manage your TCoE.

  • Identify who will manage your TCoE

It would help if you had a brilliant and dedicated team to manage your TCoE. You may choose to set up a team from your existing resources or partner with a third-party software testing organization. In this case, you need a software testing company as experienced as Tezza Business Solutions to manage your TCoE implementation efforts. Get in touch with us today to begin the process.

  • Specify how your TCoE will liaise with other teams

To address grey areas and forestall future errors or conflicts, it is essential that your entire organizational structure, including the executive sponsors, buy into the idea of a TCoE.You also need to clearly outline how the TCoE will introduce new measures, tools, or protocols and interface with other teams to ensure adherence to new initiatives.

  • Document your expectations and progress

Before implementation, you need to outline your KPIs and expectations. Ensuring expectations are appropriately laid out and ongoing progress documented is crucial for future evaluation and referencing.

  • Always look out for ways to improve

By now, your TCoE must have fully aligned with your organization’s mission and objectives. However, you must continuously seek ways to improve the testing process and your overall business operations rather than get laid back.

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