What is Digital Adoption?

Digital adoption is the process through which a brand gains the ability to use all the features of new technology to carry out digital processes for a specific goal.

Simply put, it is a mechanism for brands to realize the potential of various digital resources and use such resources to achieve their goals to drive innovation, improve processes and enhance business returns.


Why digital adoption is important

It’s the digital age, you know. There is a massive amount of technology for businesses to adopt to optimize processes and make life easier. Most companies invest in software and application development to make their work easier and faster both for their employees and customers.

However, having to adopt a new technology every year or so creates more difficulties rather than solve them. Therefore, it is expedient for an enterprise to have a solid digital adoption strategy.

One of the most significant benefits of driving digital adoption for your business is that it increases your return on investment on any new technology you have invested in. It also maximizes innovation efforts.

Some of the other advantages of digital adoption include:

  1. Digital adoption increases the internal efficiency within the organization.
  2. It decreases the time-to-value period. (This is the time it takes for new customers to start giving value to the business)
  3. It helps the business stay updated about their competitors, to develop strategies to outcompete them.
  4. It also ensures that your partners and investors are fully aware of the benefits of your business.
  5. Also, it increases customer satisfaction since customers can maximize the benefits of the technology better to achieve their goals and objectives
  6. Most importantly, adopting digital technology increases revenue for your business.


Increasing digital adoption of your technologies is not a walk in your park. But, if done right and the potential properly harnessed, you stand a lot to gain. Here are a few tips to guide you through the process of maximizing digital adoption.


Ways to properly harness digital adoption

Here are a few key ideas you can implement to increase digital adoption among your customers and employees.

  1. Make use of DAPS:

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) are tools that help organizations boost the digital adoption process, calculate the value of their technologies — know which to focus on and which to discard — and optimize the daily operation by saving time spent on manual tasks. It also helps to streamline user onboarding.

2. Communicate the advantages of the new technology to the customers. Let them know how your new application could help them.


3. Employ the services of a digital adoption manager or agency to help you hasten the process of technology adoption for your users and employees.


4. If you’d be incorporating a digital application, include a knowledge base and self-help menu where users can find answers to all their questions.  This would increase their satisfaction with the application. That spells more profit for you!


5. Collect analytics of your employees’ and customers’ usage of the technologies. This would help you determine which technologies the users find difficult and which they find comfortable to use.


6. Ensure you collect feedback from the users of the technology about their experience with these technologies and ways they would have enjoyed it better. This would help you improve on the applications, increase user satisfaction, and smile to the bank.


Final words

With the methods above, you can take advantage of digital technology to provide optimum value, gain new leads, and increase your overall customer satisfaction.

If you are ready to key into the numerous benefits provided by digital technology, contact us now at Tezza to help you get started right away!



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