If your business is centered around the IT ecosystem, “Agile software development” may be the term you might have heard and called “Agile” more often than not. Agile is a method of developing software solutions that focuses on consistently providing high-quality functional software while reducing project overhead and increasing business value.

Agile software development is a methodology used in managing large and complex software projects. It works by breaking large projects into smaller time-bound tasks called sprints.

The sprint is a short period, usually between 2-4 weeks where the team responsible for the project works on a set number of features called user stories. Doing this facilitates the creation of a more manageable production and release cycle.

Why Agile Software Development?

Here are some of the reasons why you should join the agile bandwagon

 1. Quality

An integral feature of the agile software development process is constant testing at every point in the life cycle. While using the methodology, the features of the products are tested as the product develops, not after the full development of the product. This allows for the early detection of defects or problems that might be encountered. This, in turn, drives up the quality of the final, integrated product.


2. Premium customer satisfaction

Agile software development is based on the integration of the customers’ wants and needs throughout the product development lifecycle. Using the agile framework, the customer is always involved in any decision-making process and changes can be easily made on account of the customer’s feedback. The result of this is a dynamic product that ticks a lot of boxes and an enhanced customer experience.


3. Reduction of risks

Since the agile framework works by breaking down large projects into small chunks that can be continuously delivered, it is theoretically impossible for any product built using the methodology to fail. Even if some part of the project doesn’t go as planned, the other sprints that worked fine can be salvaged and employed for future use.


4. Predictable delivery dates

The agile software development approach is to break complex projects into smaller time-bound sprints that have a specific release date. This makes it easier to predict the delivery dates of the products. As a product owner, you are assured of getting a product at the end of each sprint.


5. Early generation of revenue

Due to the incremental release of the features of the product, it becomes easy to generate revenue early even before the product is fully out in the market.


6. Continuous improvement

Due to its iterative nature, the agile methodology ensures that each sprint performs better than the previous one. The errors made in the previous one are noted, accounted for and steps are put in place for it not to be repeated in the upcoming sprints.

Agile software development also fosters the spirit of idea exchanging and collaboration that enables the members of the team to learn from each other’s mistakes while improving each other in the process.


Clearly, adopting the agile software development approach is a no-brainer for customer-centric and growth-driven brands due to its significant benefits. At Tezza, we care about helping businesses simplify and smoothen the product development process. Reach out to us here for free business consultation and let’s determine the right solutions for your brand.




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